Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

Posted by Cathy Olson on

We had a new experience with Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.  In the past, we have been a family of campers, fiber enthusiasts, students, and consumers of tasty treats and fantastic finds.  This year, we were all of that, and then some.

This year, we showed our little lambs for the first time. 

The girls did a great job in handling them, and the lambs were so cute.  We have a long way to go in showmanship and conformation, but the kids and lambs (and husband) are all having a wonderful time.


 We also had a farm booth, where we saw lots of old friends (thanks for coming by!), and made quite a few new ones (hello!). We had light inventory, but will have a ton more product next year.  Looking forward to OFFF 2016 already!

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